Power Redirector 2 2.50


Redirect your traffic the way you see fit. Redirect, show banner ads and filter your visitors based on Geo IP, IP-range, country, states, city, region, language, browser, user-agents, mobile devices, referrer, keywords, phrases, proxies or any combination. Includes a daily updated ip-to-country database to ensure you have the most up-to-date country information, easily switch between different geo ip databases like MaxMind, IP2Location, Ip2Country etc...

* As we all know, traffic from certain countries are essentially useless. Redirect these visitors to a traffic exchange site and convert it into extra traffic and money.

* For a better conversion of your products, redirect traffic or display banner ads based on the search keywords they used to get to your site. As we all know, targeted traffic equals higher conversion.

* Multilingual sites can improve their conversion by making sure the user gets the website in his foreign tongue. As we all know, targeted traffic equals higher conversion.

* Redirect traffic based on user-agents. Are you tired of leechers and bots? Just add a rule based on a specific user-agent and block or redirect them.

* Hackers use lists with thousands of proxies to spam or hack your sites members area. Block or redirect them based on proxy and/or based on IP address.

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